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Visu-IT! Name Checker / Builder

The "Visu-IT! Name Checker/Builder" component can be used to support arbitrary naming conventions:

Scope, field of application
One naming convention which is of current interest is for example the Autosar naming convention. This naming convention can be supported from the VIT Name Checker/Builder quite easily (see Sample Configuration)

Rules & Patterns
The Name Checker/Builder operates on a configurable set of Rules and Patterns. Due to this, the component is completely generic and freely configurable. Thus it is easily possible to support specific naming conventions just be adapting the underlying Rules and Patterns. The Rules and Patterns are described in an XML configuration file or in a database.

The creation Rule for a name can be derived from corresponding Patterns. It's possible to define different Patterns for different use cases. The user can select the correct Pattern for his needs.

Each Pattern may consist of variable and fixed elements. The variable elements will be taken from Catalogs. The Catalogs will be referenced from the Patterns. Catalogs have a variable number of catalog entries. The Catalogs are also defined in the XML configuration file or in the database.

It's possible do define names which don't have to correspond to the naming conventions. These names will be deposit within the 'Exceptions' element.

Deployment & Integration
The Visu-IT! Name Checker/Builder can be used as

In addition to that, the Visu-IT! Name Checker/Builder can be used with or without a central database. It is also possible to switch between online mode (with central database) and offline mode (use local XML configuration).